10 Suburban Things You Desperately Miss When Raising Kids In The City

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When I was living in New York with a small child, there were things about my suburban upbringing that I started to miss so much; things I never thought twice about when I had them. There are certain things that make a parent’s life so much easier, that you don’t really appreciate until you don’t have them anymore.

1. A hallway.



There exists a long, narrow space in most suburban homes whose only function is to be a make-shift gallery and a sound buffer between you and your sleeping child? Tell me more…

2. A garage.



Nothing like having nowhere to store the baby clothes and toys you’re not sure if you are going to need again.

3. A trunk.



You mean I could bring the stroller along just in case I want to use it?

4. A supermarket that has those shopping carts for kids that look like race cars. 




Two kids. One shopping cart. Those things exist in suburbia.

5. A car.


You mean I can schlep all of these groceries home without losing feeling in my fingers?

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