18 Things You Did As A Child That Would Horrify You If Your Kids Did Them

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Now, some things you did as a kid were just how things were done. Take car seat safety, for example.

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Thankfully, car seat safety has come a looooooong way since we were kids. Not only in how car seats are made and some of the safety features included now, but in how we use them! For starters, we actually use them nowadays. Back in our day, as soon as we outgrew our infant seat, we were pretty much on our own with a seat belt. There weren’t very many options! We have a distinct memory of sitting on a phone book so the chest strap didn’t hit us right in the face. Now, we keep our kids in car seats until they’re toddlers, and in boosters until they’re in middle school. Which is fine, because it keeps them safe. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure our parents didn’t have to deal with car seat shaming!

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