18 Things You Did As A Child That Would Horrify You If Your Kids Did Them

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The things you did as a kid would get your arrested now. Remember sitting on your parent’s lap and steering the car?

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“Mom, dad let me drive home from the store!” “That’s nice, sweetie!” This was honestly the highlight of our life when we were kids. Your mom or dad would pull over before turning down your street, put you in their lap, and let you steer the car home. Just … what in the actual hell. Remember who much shit Britney Spears got when she drove with her baby on her lap? She is clearly an 80’s kid, because we all did that. Obviously, your parents still controlled the gas and brake. But they would just let you guide that station wagon home like you were a licensed driver and not, you know, an actual child. We don’t even let our kids sit in the passenger seat when the park is parked in the driveway.

The things you did as a kid probably wouldn’t garner you any parenting awards these days. But man, we had fun, right? Even if it’s a miracle we made it to adulthood.

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