18 Things You Did As A Child That Would Horrify You If Your Kids Did Them

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Halloween was filled with homemade treats when we were kids!

trick or treat halloween GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

Image: Animation Domination High-Def

We knew our neighbors, so it wasn’t unusual to get a homemade brownie or other treat in our trick-or-treating bag. Even if we walked miles to another neighborhood (which we did a lot), who cared?! Simpler times, remember? Sure, every couple of years the news reported on some needle-in-a-caramel-apple scare. But did that stop us? Nope. We just cut into the apples before scarfing them down. When our own kids go trick-or-treating, we carefully inspect every single piece of candy and toss anything with a wrinkled wrapper. If we found an actual homemade treat?! God forbid, we’d probably toss the whole damn bag!

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