18 Things You Did As A Child That Would Horrify You If Your Kids Did Them

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Ahhhhh, the ’80s were a simpler time, weren’t they? A simpler, more dangerous time, LOL. As children of the ’80s and ’90s, our childhoods looked a lot different than what our own kids are experiencing. The clothes, food, TV shows, activities – we’ve come a long way! Things are also a bit safer these days, if we really think about it. It’s kind of insane to think about what we were allowed to do and what was considered “normal” back when we were kids. Safety was sort of an afterthought. Not because people wanted kids to get hurt, but because that’s what it was! But there was also a sense of community back then. Without the constant connection of cell phones and social media, we relied on each other. There are definitely things you did as a kid that would absolutely horrify you if your kids did them today, though.

Here’s the thing: just as our childhoods looked much different than our parents’ did, our kids’ childhoods are a far cry from what we grew up with! And there’s nothing wrong with that, really. Sure, most of us have great memories of being a kid. But when we know better, we do better, right? Still, it’s funny to look back and compare the differences. We all survived, and made it through (relatively) unscathed. While the things you did as a kid might make for some great memories, the would probably lead to a lot of gray hairs if your own kids did them though.

Some things you did as a kid were just normal back then, like staying home alone… at the age of 7.

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We spent a lot of time at home alone when we were kids. And not at what we consider an appropriate age to be left home alone, LOL. It’s sort of amazing how much trust our parents had in us and the rest of the population. That’s … not a thing we do anymore. In fact, parents can get in a lot of trouble now for leaving their kids home alone! In a lot of states, it’s actually illegal to leave kids home alone under the age of 9 or 10, sometimes even older. It’s weird, because with the technology we have now, it’s probably safer than it has ever been! Back then, we just locked the doors and hoped everything would be fine, ha!

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