Baby Fat: Help Me Tackle My “Before Baby Bucket List” One Bad Decision At A Time

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A “Do Not Touch” sign, like in a museum or an expensive store, always conjures up the same feeling in me: I must touch that immediately!And realizing I’ll have to give up certain things once I get pregnant only makes me want to binge on everything that is potentially bad for baby, and me, all at once. Which is what you’ll see In the video above as I make a mad dash to “fit it all in” before I get pregnant. You know, do all those things that I had absolutely no desire to do for years but suddenly seem super appealing now that they are soon to be off limits.

What’s that one thing you had to make sure you did before you got pregnant? Or if you are also currently trying, what’s the most bizarre thing that suddenly seems important to fit in now? Any advice for me on what I should definitely make sure I do? (that I didn’t cover in my video!).  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject and will be sure to reply to your comments.

Thanks Mommyish readers for helping me continue to make bad (but fun) decisions!