8 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Breastfeed

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5. Leakage On The Opposite Boob

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When baby feeds on one side, until supply is regulated, it could trigger let-down of your milk on the other side too. I got into the habit of having a pumping container around to catch the run-off because sometimes, it was a lot. Not only did I not want to waste it, I also didn’t want to soak my shirt with every feeding.

6. One Might Be Bigger Than The Other

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Some women (myself included) have one breast that overproduces, or at least produces more than the other side. It was pretty noticeable for me and very upsetting at a time when I wanted my body to look like my own again as soon as possible. They went back to normal after I finished nursing but fair warning — it can happen.

7. You May Have Horrible Cramps And Bleeding



No nurse warned me of the terrible uterine cramping I could experience while nursing during the first weeks after having a baby. Nursing can stimulate the uterus to contract and return to it’s pre-baby size and that contracting can cause cramps worse than any period and also, the flow of your post-partum bleeding. SO MUCH FUN.

8. Pumping Might Not Work For You

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I had plenty of milk while nursing my son but for some reason, the pump didn’t do much for me. I could never get more than two ounces on my better-producing side, even if I were engorged. I’ve heard of many moms saying the same so if you don’t get much while pumping, don’t worry. As long as your baby has plenty of wet and dirty diapers and you hear them swallowing during feeds, they’re getting milk.

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