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7 Things Every Mom Actually Needs In Her Purse

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Motherhood makes a veritable Mary Poppins of us all. There are so many things one must acquire and so many of them are necessary to take along any time you want to leave the house. We need Mary’s magic bag, or at the very least, a handy supply list that can help us trim our crap stash down to the bare essentials. Here are seven things every mom actually needs in her purse:

1. Starbucks gift cards.


Or an entire Starbucks. Whatever fits. Don’t even try to act like those afternoon caffeine fixes aren’t the salve for your soul right now. What’s that? You’ll be up all night? What a coincidence! So will your kid.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones.


You never know when they’re going to see a toy they want or hear a song they like or just otherwise make noise with their curiously loud child voices. You need the ones airport employees wear. Your eardrums matter, Mom.

3. A bottomless wipes package.


You know, for spills. And boogers. So many boogers.

4. A gallon jug of hand sanitizer.



Again, because boogers. Oh, also any other thing that can possibly come out of your body. And for all the gross things they try to put back into their body. Sweet biscuits, kids are disgusting.

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