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Baby Fat: 10 Things Men Learn While Trying to Make a Baby

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We all know it takes two to tango.  However it’s hard to deny that by nature most of the “thinking about baby making” falls to the woman.  But men aren’t immune to the whole process, right?  Right??

CLICK on the short video above to see what my husband has to say about it and what, if anything, has changed for him since we started trying.  And then see if my Top 10 list matches your own!

Top Ten Things Men Learn While Trying To Make a Baby

1. Not much changes for them.


2. There is an uptick for sex on demand.


3. Other than that not much changes for them.


4. No matter how often they ask, women still don’t know exactly when they ovulate.


5. A lot of female medical jargon is now casually tossed around – and they know none of it requires much more from them than a “Really?” and “Wow”.


6. One week a month they are going to get a lot of sex, no matter what idiotic thing they do or say.


7. Opportunities to sit in hot tubs present themselves like never before – which they can’t take advantage of.


8. Not much else changes for them.


9. When suggesting a future ski trip, vacation abroad or activity with an excessive amount of partying men must take a concerned pause when their wife says “But I might be pregnant then” – before they ask again.


10. If a man’s wife does an Internet show about getting pregnant, people will ask him constantly if he is reallytrying to get his wife pregnant.*


*but other than that not much else changes for them.