30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Separation isn’t final for badass historical moms

Image: Instagram/ @chingonafromdetroit

Sojourner Truth gives “badass” depth. She was a teen when one of her owners married her to another slave and immediately began producing children. Then known as Isabella, the woman refused to accept slavery. She took her infant daughter, one of her five children, and ran away to the home of a family she knew to be sympathetic to the abolition movement. The family paid for her freedom and helped her find her son, Peter. Peter had been sold away from his parents and into the Alabama slavery system.

Uniting her family wasn’t enough. The woman who’d renamed herself Sojourner Truth, who could neither read nor write, went on to speak publicly about the importance of women’s rights and met with none other than President Lincoln. We wonder what she would have thought about this piece Mommyish did, focusing on the kids who were assigned the creation of slave posters as homework.

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