30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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She has a past, but she’s not ashamed of it

Image: Instagram/ @mujeresconpercha

Loretta Janeta Valazquez had three husbands and cross dressed before she had her son. If that’s not an interesting enough history, add this to the narrative- she cross dressed because she wanted to be with her first husband, who was enlisted in the Civil War on behalf of the rebel army. Upon hearing her plan, her husband forbid her from joining up with him. This Cuban born lady then dressed as a soldier, gave herself the title of lieutenant, and gathered her own regiment of volunteer soldiers from Arkansas. She eventually found the man she wanted so badly to be with, reuniting with him just days before he died. Twice, following his death, Loretta gave up her soldiering and cross dressing to serve as a female spy for the Confederate government.

Loretta’s story only came out when, after the death of her third husband, she was in bad need of money to support her infant son. Therefore, she wrote and published her memoirs about her time in the fighting forces. She said she didn’t care much if people chose not to believe her accounts. She was comfortable in her belief she did what she did for the right reasons.

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