30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Nothing can keep a good, badass mom down

Image: Instagram/ @michellemabellephotos

Sacajawea has had coins made in her honor, places named after her, and characters like the one in Night At the Museum done in her image. The truth is, though, we actually know very little about this woman who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their famous journey. She was part of the Lemhi band, a branch of the Shoshone tribe. Her husband, however, was a Frenchman and trapper. Their son was given a French name, and Lewis delivered the boy for the couple. This was the only child that Lewis would play midwife for, but not the only child the Native American woman would have. Throughout the entire mapping journey, Sacajawea carried her infant son strapped to her back, saving him from a boat tipping over, swarms of mosquitoes, and illnesses other members of the crew fell to.

It is not known what exactly Sacajawea died from. Experts have estimated she was only 25 when she passed from what was called “putrid fever.” Her son and daughter, this little one born on a hunting and trapping trip, lived out the rest of their lives under their godfather, Clark’s, care.

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