30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Badass Historical Moms Tip: In some ways, they’re all our children

Image: Instagram/ @abbiejayneshilling

Irina Sendler’s probably a name you haven’t heard much before. However, she’s the saving grace of about 2,500 Jewish children fleeing Nazi prosecution. A young Irina, a mother herself, worked in the Social Welfare Department in Warsaw. There, she took on the task of assigning false papers and identities to those thousands of children, saving them from certain death. Every time she did this she risked her own life. Her own daughter, who remembers waiting for hours at times for her mother to come home and be safe, has said that her mother was “walking good,” harboring no ill feelings toward anyone due to race or religion.

Janina grew up to be an editor in the publishing industry and one of her brothers was a successful archivist. Irina’s daughter has mused that it’s ironic that all their mother wanted to do was save people, while their careers led them to be more isolated.

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