30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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She’s undaunted by numbers

Image: Instagram/ @communistsdaughter

Imagine that you lived before the invention of birth control. Eesh. Now, imagine that you also lived before standardized, accessible healthcare for mothers and babies. Bad combo. Finally, think about what it would be like to have multiples every time you fell pregnant. Do I hear an “Oh, hell no!” from anyone else?

That’s exactly what happened to Valentina Vassilyev. This lady gave birth 27 separate times to 16 sets of twins. Her other children came in bundles of threes and fours. Believe it or not, this woman, born in 1707 in a small Russian town, only lost two babies along the way. Some have guessed that she was able to survive this number of labors because multiples tend to be born smaller in size. Others have said the reason Valentina bore so many children is hyper ovulation, a condition which allows a woman to release multiple eggs in one cycle. She lived into her seventies, pretty much stunning everyone.

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