30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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You can be a badass caretaker before you’re a badass mama

Image: Instagram/ @strakanos

Badassery is climbing through a ventilation shaft in order to escape steerage during the sinking of a massive ocean liner. It’s making it on the last lifeboat to leave the doomed ship. Mary Kelly, an Irish immigrant managed both on the night the Titanic sank. The young woman was aboard as a way to get to her fiance in America. When she saw a man leading two scared, small boys Mary did the only thing that felt right. She put out her arms to the two French children who couldn’t understand a thing she said. Within the following hours, both became fatherless.

Mary cared for the boys on the tiny lifeboat, then later on the rescue ship that picked up survivors. For some time, no one could figure out who the boys were and the two and three year olds were too traumatized to talk. Only upon landing in New York did Mary Kelly give up their care to people who knew that the boys had been abducted from their mother by their father and snuck on board under aliases. They were safely returned to their very worried mother. Mary then went on to marry her intended and bear six children of her own.

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