30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Our children take our hearts (and teachings) with them wherever they go

Image: Instagram/ @dixiedenier

What’s worse than having one child serving in war? How about having 11? That was the truth of  Esther McCabe’s life during WWII. Of her 12 children, 11 were sons. All served overseas in the military at one time or another during the 40’s. Most amazing of all? Esther did it all on her own. Her husband, a miner labor organizer, died in a train accident.

Miraculously, all of Esther’s boys made it home from the war. Two suffered from long term emotional health complications, and their upright Catholic mother opened her doors to them, caring for the two men for the rest of her life. When asked about his mom, a son that grew to have a lifetime naval career said, “She was a great woman.”

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