30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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We will not be the end

Image: Instagram/ @spiritual_realities

While we can’t know for certain, it would seem that Cleopatra Selene, daughter of the famed and final Egyptian pharaoh, wanted her children to have a much more stable upbringing than she herself did. After surviving Octavian’s annexation and her parents’ joint suicide, Selene and her brother were taken to Rome. There, they were paraded in Octavian’s triumphal march in their mother’s place. Then, they were sent to live with their father’s other wife. Her brother disappears from history at this point, maybe because of illness. Maybe because of murder. Selene lives on, marrying another Roman child made an orphan through Octavian’s war machine. She and her husband, Juba, went on to make Mauritania their own kingdom.

While some of her peers became famous for their bloodshed and soldiering, Selene became renown for her expert hand at governance. She united the people of Mauritania, built a metropolitan capitol, issued her own coinage, and had two children. We don’t hear much about their lives because, due in large part to their mother, they simply lived. They survived and went on.

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