30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Things can’t be magical all the time

Image: Instagram/ @_myartz_

When you think Mary Poppins, you probably think Disney. That’s because Walt Disney bought the movie rights to the original book from it’s author, Pamela Lyndon TraversIf you think Travers was anything like the clean, impish nanny that has become iconic, think again. This lady loved adventure, yes, but didn’t mind walking on the naughtier side of life. Her first published pieces appeared in an erotic poetry collection. Travers remained unmarried but had romantic liaisons with both men and women, a scandalous thing for a woman born in the last year of the 1800s. She was known to butt heads with Walt Disney. Rumors abounded that she didn’t like the way he made Mary Poppins overly precious.

As far as badass goes, Travers receives an A+. However, some of her mothering was questionable. Pamela was approached by an acquaintance who had temporarily housed abandoned twin brothers. Pamela took one, told him she was his biological mother, and let the boy know the truth only in adulthood when he encountered his twin. Why didn’t she take both boys when, financially, she was capable? Their horoscopes. Only one had a bright future, according to Pamela’s guru. That was the one she took.

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