30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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Love is love and knows no qualifiers

Image: Instagram/ @mrsperreault

That was the belief of Gloria Bates and her husband way back in the 70’s. After having two boys biologically, Gloria and her husband wanted to round out their family with the adoption of daughters. They, being admittedly naive hippies, said they would welcome children of any race. What they got was two African American daughters. Theirs was one of the first sanctioned trans-racial adoptions. They saw no problem with this. Their family, friends, and all white Oregon community had different opinions. Gloria came to find out that their deeply held beliefs in equality didn’t necessarily make the world easier for their daughters who grew up with no role models who looked like them. Gloria later admitted that she’d never known, in fact never conversed with, a black person before opening her arms to her daughters.

In the book about the family, Gift Children: A Story of Race, Family, and Adoption in a Divided America, Gloria answers these questions- Would she take back the adoptions? No, absolutely not. She sees a beauty in her family, in their resilience and dedication to loving one another. Would she be better informed beforehand? Yes, definitely. 

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