17 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Out On A Date

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Werk, werk, werk

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And not the fun werk. I mean actual work. 9 times out of 10, my week gets the best of me, and I almost always have work to catch up on over the weekend. And since that work actually puts money in my bank account, it will ALWAYS be preferable to actually going out. Plus I love my jobs, so that helps. Every once in a while, I get in a bit of a funk over how much I work, and how much my work impedes on my ability to have an actual life. But you know what? I’m able to provide for my kids. I can pay my bills every month without stressing. And I feel accomplished and not dependent on anyone else. So I’ll work my ass off as long as I can.

So, if you’re avoiding having to go on a date for whatever reasons, pick one of these things I would rather do than go on a date, and have yourself a little Party of YOU at home. And hopefully, when you’re ready, you’ll get out there again (which is my little pep talk to myself). But no rush! The foot mask alone will keep you busy for two weeks, bare minimum.

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