17 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Out On A Date

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Let’s. Get. Organized!

Image: NBC

Let’s be honest, what sounds like more fun: making small talk with some guy you accidentally swiped right on when you found a crumb on your phone, or finally tackling the disaster that is your closet? Feng shui, Konmari, take a trash bag to everything you own, whatever you want. It feels good to get rid of unwanted junk! It feels even better to get rid of it while avoiding tacking on more in the form of a dead-end relationship. Personally, I like to use my alone time to clean out my kids’ rooms and playroom and throw away 80% of what they own. They are disgusting, and no matter how many times I purge the “treasures” (read: actual garbage), their rooms always look like a flop house.

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