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8 Tricks Your Dog Will Learn Faster Than Your Kids

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5. Leave it

My dog would leave a treat balanced on his nose for eternity if I asked him to, even though he really, really wanted it. But trying to protect my kids from potential death by lamp cord strangulation takes all of my willpower, no matter how many times I beg them not to touch.

6. Speak

Let’s be honest, it’s fun to show off when your child learns a new song or phrase. But even though they spent the entire car ride to Grandma’s singing Let it Go complete with jazz hands, now that the time to really shine is here, they’re frozen. My dog learned to “sing” with me in a single afternoon and never had stage fright over showing off his talents.

7. Get down

My dog would listen (most of the time) when I told him to get down off the couch. My children treat every opportunity that my back is turned to climb on top of the dining room table and practice their soft shoe.

8. Get in your bed

My dog had a bed in each room of the house, and would go there when told so he wasn’t underfoot, no matter what exciting things were going. The only times I expect my kids to get in bed are for naps and nighttime sleep, so you would think they’d be tired and want to listen to me, but then you’d be wrong.

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