Sicko Steals Sandy Hook Memorial Sign and Taunts Victim’s Mother Because ‘Shooting Was A Hoax’

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graceThis is the kind of story where it is hard to believe anyone could sink to such a low—hence, why I am not calling this man a “sicko” lightly. Anyone who claims the tragedy of Sandy Hook was a hoax is disgusting. Anyone who takes it a step further to steal a memorial sign and taunt a young victim’s mother is certainly not in touch with reality.

The thief stole a 50 pound vinyl peace sign from a Mystic, Connecticut, playground, erected to honor one of the 20 children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. The sign stood for young Grace McDonnell at the Grace McDonnell playground.

Not only was the thief a lowlife who stole a memorial sign, but he also took it a step further:

More horrific than the theft is that a man claiming to be the thief called Grace McDonnell’s mother and taunted her over the death of her daughter.

William Lavin, who has been leading the effort to build playgrounds to honor all 26 Newtown victims, told The Day of New London that a man called Grace’s mother and told her he took the sign because he believes the December 2012 school shooting was a hoax.

‘There’s still a lot of ignorance and evil out there that someone could do something like that,’ Lavin said Wednesday.

I completely agree with Lavin’s assessment of ignorance and evil. But what I can’t understand, and may never understand working as a writer on the Internet, is why people must make their zealous beliefs (no matter how strange or offensive they may be) everyone else’s business. Sure, we all have a right to express our personal opinions, but if this man truly believed that Sandy Hook was a hoax, there is still no reason to ever, ever, EVER call the mother of a deceased child to rub it in her face.

The sign stealing took place less than one week after another young victim’s Memorial playground was graffitied. Fortunately, in that instance, the graffiti was positive and read, “Peace to Sandy Hook.”

What the sign thief did in this story is inexcusable. Not only does Grace McDonnell’s family have to suffer because of the death of their daughter, but they must continue to ward off painful, ignorant taunts as they grieve.

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