Thief Breaks Into Building to Rob Fake Money from Toy Cash Register

A stealthy and flexible but somewhat illogical thief bewildered police in California this week when he sneaked into a YMCA to break into a cash register, but it was a toy cash register that was full of fake money.

According to ABC News 7, bewildered police in Indio, California, watched security footage of a man shimmying through the ductwork of the YMCA Child Development Center. He kicked through the ductwork in the ceiling and dropped to the floor. Once in the room, he went immediately to the nearest cash register, emptied its drawers, and quickly left through the front door.

The cash register was a toy, though. Even if the guy didn’t realize that the register was suspiciously easy to break into, one would think he would have noticed that it was full of fake money. It wasn’t even realistic fake money, either. The toy register wasn’t stuffed with counterfeit dollars. It was full of actual toy money, which is virtually impossible to mistake for real money.

It’s tough to conceive of an end goal for this guy. Did he think the register and the money were real? Did he know they were fake and just thought this would be a fun way to kill an evening? We may never know. Police suspect the thief might be an old pro, though.

“Thieves tend to have specific MOs, with stuff that they follow and stuff that they are comfortable with. They don’t get caught doing it once and they figure, ‘Hey, it’s a tried-and-true method,’ and then they stick to it,”  Sgt. Dan Marshall said to ABC News.

The thief might be really good at shimmying through ductwork, but he might need a quick refresher course in telling real money from the Fisher Price variety.

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