20 Of The Most Pretentious Baby Names Known To Man


What’s in a name? Well, if your parents were deluded narcissists or well-meaning hipsters, the answer could be everything. Now, I have to qualify that there is absolutely nothing wrong with naming your kid whatever you want to. Even if you choose one of the worst baby names of all (ahem, Jermajesty) that is your right as a parent.

But you have to know that if you hand-pick a super ridiculous baby name, people are bound to raise eyebrows. The eyebrow raising is likely to intensify the moment you enroll your kid in school and demand that their super-special name is spelled and punctuated correctly. (Le-a, pronounced LaDasha.)

According to Reddit users, there are hundreds of parents who have fallen into this yoonique baby naming trap. It is possible that some users could be lying or exaggerating since this is the Internet, after all, but I choose to believe them. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who has named their kid something pretty fucking weird.

Here are the top 20 pretentious (i.e., strange) baby names, courtesy of Reddit:

1. Bella, Jacob, and Edward (The family that reads Twilight together stays together.)

2. Chevy, Buick, and Dodge (The family that drives trucks together stays together.)

3. Darling Angel

4. Diamond

5. Delishia Lemon

6. Euthanasia

7. God’s Loving Kindness (sister to Repent Or Burn Forever in a fundamental Christian family)

8. Falona Love (sister to Everlasting Love)

9. JonMichael

10. Ham (named after the Biblical character in a fundamental hipster family)

11. Immaculateconception

12. India-Morocco

13. King, Queen, Prince, and Princess (A real wannabe royal family with four kids.)

14. Kryztle (pronounced Crystal)

15. Paris France Insert-Last-Name-Here

16. Playboy

17. Precious Princess Flower

18. Princess Destiny

19. Realitie (twin sibling to Illucion)

20. Twinkle (older sister to Sparkle)

(Image: Katrina Elena/Shutterstock)

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