The Woman Whose Naked Photo Was Posted for Online Body-Shaming by Playboy Model Dani Mathers Has Come Forward

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Earlier this year Playboy model and utter asshole Dani Mathers posted a photo of an unsuspecting, naked stranger at the gym so the Internet could mock the woman’s body. The image went viral and Mathers became far more famous for being a vicious bully than she was ever going to be for her modeling. Mathers’ hideousness really resonated with the Internet audience. As horrible as the Internet and its willingness to pick apart women’s bodies can be, in this case people seemed to relate a lot more to that unnamed woman. Few of us are so conventionally attractive that we would feel immune from ridicule if a Playboy model decided to post our photos to the Internet with the caption, “Cannot unsee.”

Mathers might have expected the plentiful assholes of the Internet to join her in a good laugh at the woman’s belly or breasts or leg veins, but instead the excoriation of Mathers was swift and definite. Mathers was kicked out of LA Fitness and the gym reported her to the police, because taking and distributing nude photos of people without their consent is as illegal as it is evil. She was fired from an occasional gig speaking on KLOS radio in LA, so she doesn’t seem to have much going on right now because nobody wants to hire the meanest girl on the Internet to sell body wash. (She’s evil and conventionally attractive. Who knows, maybe she’ll start dating Martin Shrekli and they’ll have a whole bunch of little Minion babies.)

While the whole world suddenly knew Mathers’ face and, unfortunately, the naked body of the woman in the gym, I found myself hoping that somehow this wouldn’t get back to that woman. I could go  my whole life without ever knowing a Playboy model had posted my nude body to the Internet to make fun of me, and I think I’d be happier that way.

But the woman did find out about this. According to People Magazine, the woman heard about what had happened and recognized herself in the photos and has spoken to Los Angeles County Police about it. The police say the woman is in her 70s.

God, Mathers is such an asshole. Who body-snarks a woman in her 70s? What does Mathers think she’s going to look like in her 70s? Does she not realize that time and gravity come for all of us, even Playboy models?

As much as I am sorry that this woman had to discover that her naked body had been published all over the Internet, it does mean that the woman can press charges against Mathers. According to police, it sounds like she’s strongly considering it. Mathers’ lawyer says he’s not aware of that, but hopes it isn’t true. Obviously.

“We hope the rumor is not true,” Mathers’ lawyer said to People. “Dani Mathers never tried to hurt anyone at any time and certainly never tried to break any law.”

But TMZ says the victim says she’s willing to testify against Mathers. In California it is illegal to photograph someone in a private place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Mathers could be charged with Dissemination of Private Images, which is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail.