The Top 10 Most Batty Amazon Comments From Paula Deen Supporters

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paula deen cookbookIn the latest news in the Paula Deen is a raging racist plot line, you’ll be delighted/horrified/not at all surprised to learn that sales of Deen’s latest cookbook have soared  in the wake of her being dropped from The Food Network and other sponsors. It seems that the minute a prominent media personality is rightfully called out for problematic isms, hardcore and batty fans swoop down to show their support….in the Amazon reviews.

Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible: The New Classic Guide to Delicious Dishes with More Than 300 Recipes is now the #1 book on Amazon. Not so deep within the review section, you’ll find many of her devoted supporters saying that they made the purchase simply to put money in Paula’s pocket. You’ll also find the predictable groans about how everyone has gotten too “PC” in this lovely nation of ours, accusations that it’s her sponsors that are racist (?!), and the insistence that despite her racial slurs she is “a great representation of the South.”

All comments have been copy pasted exactly as they have been written, along with my own interpretation of the reviewer’s completely nonsensical thesis. Let’s all laugh together:

1. Criminals are out of jail, guys

Since when do Americans get punished for something that happened so many years ago. Doesn’t all the good a person has done count for anything anymore. We let the criminals out of jail and persecute the productive citizens. So not happy with Food Network right now, they should be standing up for one of the people responsible for who they are today.

2. The Boston Bombings happened so racism shouldn’t be a concern 

I too am buying this book as a way to show my support for Paula Dean and to thumb my nose at the smug media personalities! I agree with Sher and other posts that feel that going after this lady is disgusting!! Think of the many recent gun-related tragedies, the Boston bombing, the devasting tornadoes, etc. For goodness sake, shouldn’t our concerns rightly go to these things, especially since Miss Dean apologized! For a christian nation, a lot of people have been awfully darned unforgiving.

3. Paula Deen isn’t destroying America, Obama is

I am buying this book for my beautiful Wife. I am buying it in support of Paula Deen and the injustice that has been dealt to her this past week. Let all the Hypocrites that are without sin, and especially those that have never said anything disparaging, hateful, or cruel in their entire life cast the first stone…Hypocrites are the worst people of all.

I truly believe that Paula Deen is a good person, and has good morals, and virtues. She has learned from the mistakes of her past just like most people have. At least those that will admit it.

Too bad the media doesn’t spend as much time talking about Benghazi, the IRS, or Obama hacking our e-mail, and phone calls….you know important things that are destroying America !!

God bless you Paula, keep your head up girl, we still love you over here in Texas!

4.  “Paula is a great representative of the South”

I have always been a fan of Paula’s, and as a Southern woman I have always believed, and STILL believe, that Paula is a great representative of the South and does not deserve to be attacked in this way for a mistake made long ago. She has apologized, let it go! Let whoever is without sin cast the first stone! Hang in there Paula!

As for the cookbook…as expected the recipes are great! Paula does not disappoint!

5. Everyone complaining about  plantation-themed weddings are WAY too PC

I’m buying this cookbook primarily to show support for Paula. We all have said or done things we’ve regretted later. Thankfully most of us won’t be crucified for it. The media has gotten too big for it’s britches in my opinion and we’ve gotten WAY too “PC”.

6. Haven’t we all used racial slurs at some point? What’s the big deal?

I’m with the previous buyers. I’m buying to show support for Paula Deen because she has been held to a higher standard by those companies that have dropped her than any of their officers or employees could ever attain. There is not a person alive who has not used a racial slur in their lives. It might have been when we were 10 years old or 20 years old, but it happens and to drop her for an honest answer when they have surely done the same is hypocritical and ridiculous. We are all adults and I’m sure the woman suing has used a racial slur against whites, but that won’t be asked of HER. That is not politically correct, but it PC to use slurs against whites. I think they are all bad, but we have all done it at some time in our lives. Get real, be honest and move on. She didn’t kill anybody and no court has convicted her of anything, but those cowardly sponsors have convicted her in order to do a little CYA. In the process, they have, in fact, shown their “A” and proven that they are racist. It is not Paula Deen who is the racist, but the sponsors.

7. “Tyranny with manners” = political correctness

Political correctness is just tyranny with manners. I’m glad her book sales soared 1300%. Where are the rappers being scrutinized for using the N word? They use it in every song, no matter what color they are, and face ZERO repercussions. It doesn’t matter where you use it, saying it is bad in ANY case. The double-standard is entirely obvious, and plain wrong.

Political correctness is just tyranny with manners.

8. People are just jealous

I needed another cookbook like I needed another hole in my head, but I decided to purchase this because of the media attempt to crucify her. In other words, put my money where my mouth is! The on-going slashing of her reputation is absolutely ridiculous and it’s about time some of these people got a life and stop trying to destroy others. She committed two deadly sins: (1) She’s wealthy and (2) she’s Southern.


And don’t forget these AMAZING parody gems!

9. Not enough racism

Hi Y’all–If you are looking for the good-old-fashioned Southern cooking and attitude that Deen is known for, you will be sorely disappointed. There are no 5000 calorie main courses, and the N word is sadly omitted. If you want the “real deal” wait for David Duke’s “Linchin’ and Lunchin’, Southern Style!” Just usin’ my free speech y’all. Thanks for your support.

10. Free black man with purchase!

The great thing about this book is that Paula provided me with a professional black man to hold it open while I cooked. I didn’t even have to pay him! Talk about Southern hospitality! The recipes taste like a cool drink of water from a fountain that says “for whites only”. The book literally drips with butter and oppression, but in that charming “I’m not a racist” Southern way. My favorite is her recipe for burnt cross buns.