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Have Baby, Will Exercise: It’s A Myth That Moms Should Be Out Of Shape

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havebabyfinal4__1424973727_142.196.167.223I’m a mom who loves working out. I’m unapologetic about my love of all things exercise, despite the fact that society tells women we should give up on the notion of fitness once we become parents.

Celebrity moms are expected to “bounce back” after giving birth but for us non-famous folk, far too often the image of a mom that’s presented by the media is a slovenly woman sitting on the couch with a bag of goldfish crackers in her lap, wearing yoga pants that she never uses for their intended purpose.

Men aren’t held to the same lowered expectations. Beyond jokes about partners of expectant moms gaining “sympathy bumps” from overeating, we don’t comment on men’s appearances once they become fathers. There’s no male equivalent for the mom haircut or mom jeans. You’ll never see an interview with a male athlete that starts off and continually mentions the fact that he’s a father as is so often the case with female athletes.

Whenever you read or see anything about a mom who enjoys working up a sweat, the woman we see is depicted wearing skimpy clothing with her children surrounding her flat stomach. There’s never a hint of a stretch mark or saggy skin, no outward signs that her body once bore a child (or several). And for those of us who can and want to pursue fitness and aren’t naturally slender, that’s a problem.

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