The NFL Is Back And My Family Will Be Ready

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You would probably assume that its my husband who refuses to attend family functions any Sunday during the fall. Or maybe you’d think that my father simply wouldn’t let me mom plan get-togethers during peak football time. Some would expect that even if we did get out of the house on a crisp autumn day, the men would all congregate around a flat screen somewhere to watch the game. You would have it kind of backwards.

I’m not saying that my husband doesn’t love football. He does. It might be part of the reason that we get along so well. But long before I got married, football was a priority in my household. Actually, before I had my own household, football was a priority, because my mother never went a week without the game.

It’s not that my grandfather was some awesome football legend. Or my dad. In fact, I don’t think he even played in high school. My mother became the football nut in my house the first time that she went to an Indianapolis Colts game. From that moment on, my parents have had season tickets and my family has been obsessed.

It’s hard to explain why my family has chosen to turn football games into family time. I realize that not everyone likes football. My sister tends to hate it. But she still shows up to my parent’s house every weekend with something yummy to share and a jersey that my mother got her as a present last Christmas. Children have never been shunned from game day in our home. Yes, we force them into polyester clothing supporting our team, but other than that, its their choice to watch the game, dance in front of the TV or retreat to another room. We have a DVR and we aren’t afraid to use it, so the little ones don’t ever get shushed for interrupting.

More than anything, I love family football time because its fun to see us all get excited about something. Sports, in general, let us all cheer, yell and get wrapped up in the game. I like throwing a foam football around the living room for a couple hours and giggling as my daughter tosses it at her dad’s head when he’s not paying attention. I like the commotion and the suspense. Honestly, Sundays from August to February are my favorite time of year. Every week, I have something to look forward to in my weekend. Game day is a long celebration of food, family and in our case, Peyton Manning. Or Jeff Saturday, if my husband has any say about it.

Most people assume that NFL season leaves husband in the other room watching the game while the wife and kids entertain themselves and try to not to be too noisy. In our family, it’s a time to come together and have fun. So I’m ready for football season! I’m ready for the Colts to get out there and kick some butt. I’m ready for jerseys and touchdowns and 101 different kids of dip sitting out on the counter as our family grazes through the day. The fall has more than back-to-school sales, crisp weather and pretty leaves. It has a great American past time that I just can’t get enough of.

So, are you ready for some football?