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Everything Is Awesome – Especially The Hysterical And Touching Lego Movie

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"The Lego Movie" - VIP Screening - Inside Arrivals

Where you one of the people who contributed to the 69 million dollar box office of The Lego Movie this weekend? I hope you were. Movies are amazingly expensive. The price of tickets and popcorn add up to a pricey outing for any family, but I’m here to tell you that you need to see this movie. I won’t include any major spoilers because I think you should go see this movie, you deserve to, and your kids do too. I can usually say that a lot of kids movies can be saved for a DVD rental – but The Lego Movie isn’t one of these.

It’s worth the price of admission, especially because of the surprising thing that it will make your kids do after seeing it.

The movie is amazingly smart. It’s one of the only kid’s movies that fully appreciate and recognize how smart kids are. There is no lack of bigger themes in this movie, the idea of how anyone, even a seemingly ordinary citizen is capable of being special, how imagination and individuality are awesome, how the power of friendship and working together can be used to overcome obstacles.

It’s incredibly funny, and in order not to disturb my movie neighbors during the viewing I ended up leaving the theater with a painful stitch in my side due to supressing my laughter.   There are so many clever jokes and nods to pop culture and other movies and male/female romantic relationships and I keep thinking back to all of these moments and I know that it’s the sort of movie that will require multiple viewings in order to “get” them all, which won’t be an issue for me because I will also be buying this one on DVD I enjoyed it so much.

Last week Frances Locke spoke about the character of  Wyldstyle and what she thought of the movie after viewing it. I’m sort of surprised that her review wasn’t as amped as mine is. Not only is Wyldstyle a fantastic female character for kids to relate to – there are moments in the movie when you will think back to your own younger self and grimace in regard to a romantic relationship Wyld has with another character who is sort of what you would assume this familiar character would be like as a boyfriend. Sometimes cool guys don’t make the best partners.

One of the most surprising aspects for me, and why I think this movie is totally worth it, as a mom with young kids I have spent a lot of my money on Lego sets. One of the prevalent ideas in the movie is that sometimes it’s better to go against the instructions, and if your kids are like mine once they finish a particularly challenging Lego build they place their construction on a shelf, never to be played with again. The Lego Movie was a happy reminder to my kids about how the only real instructions someone needs to play with Lego are their imaginations. This movie made my kids appreciate their blocks in totally new ways and play with them all over again, even though the instructions are now long lost.

That to me was totally worth the price of admission.

I think it’s one of the best movies, especially a kid’s movie, I have ever seen. It’s smart and sweet and touching and amazingly funny. The animation is fantastic, the voice acting is wonderful, the story is super sweet without being cloying, and there is a moment towards the end that hints at an idea for a sequel involving the toddler version of Lego, Duplo, that any parent will find funny. I’m really hoping it happens.

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