The Lazy Parent’s Guide: Throwing An Awesome Slumber Party

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Slumber Party

Oh slumber parties. The little girl inside me still smiles at the memory of fingernail polish and old Disney movies. My friends and I would stay up all night long playing MASH, maybe even Truth or Dare if we were adventurous. Sleepovers were an amazing thing when I was a kid.

Now that I have my own daughter, I’ve begun to appreciate slumber parties in a whole new way. These magical nights of girlhood are a chance for my little one to be completely entertained, and I don’t have to do a thing. I don’t have to be the bad guy, or dance around to the Rapunzel soundtrack for hours on end. I don’t have to find the Barbie’s other shoe or debate about the movie choices. Nope, during a sleepover, my daughter basically wants me to leave her alone.

This unexpected freedom on a weekend evening to read a book or flip through a trashy magazine has put me on a mission to create the best sleepover house my daughter could ask for. I want to be the place where all the kids want to hang out, but of course, I want to do that in the easiest way possible.

That’s right. I’m not setting out mani-pedi stations that will end up with nail polish all over my carpet. I don’t want to spend the whole party cleaning up messes or organizing events and activities. I think the best sleepover is the one that needs the least amount of parent involvement. So here are my lazy parenting tips for an awesome slumber party that will have your child’s social calendar full and your evenings stress-free.

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