The Lazy Parent’s Guide: Outdoor Summer Fun

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mom laying in the poolSummer is here! The weather is warm, the pools are open and your children are bored. Super bored. Intensely, obnoxiously bored. Literally three days after the school year ended, they’re bored.

Listen, it’s going to be a long three months of trying to keep your children entertained. Sure, there will be day trips and playdates. But there will also be a lot more days laying around the house. During those times, your kids will be begging for entertainment. You’ll be begging for a way to keep them from whining without spending hours on “activities” and elaborate distractions.

Enter the lazy parent’s guide. Here are some safe, easy activities to keep your little ones happy without ruining your relaxation. With any luck, you just might get a chance to read those “summer novels” that have been sitting by your bed for a couple years now. Go ahead, get a floppy hat and enjoy some downtime.

How do you keep your kids entertained so that mommy can enjoy the summer too?

(Photo: NinaMalyna/Shutterstock)