The End Of An Era: ‘Kate + 8’ Gets Cancelled

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It was almost a decade ago that the world was introduced to Jon and Kate Gosselin. They were a small-town Pennsylvania couple with a lot of kids and terrible haircuts. The world was riveted by the sheer mechanics of juggling sextuplets and their twin siblings. Back then, we were all so innocent and optimistic.

Now, after 150 episodes of the Gosselin family, TLC is pulling the plug on the original reality momma. I have to admit, I have never been a big Jon and Kate fan. Or a fan of Kate without the Jon. Just in general, for someone who shares a lot of her personal stories on the internet, I’ve never understood parents who choose to serve up their family’s life as television fodder.

One would have thought that the Gosselins would present some type of sad warning to the world. Here’s what happens to a small-time family when the world is watching. And we just kept on watching, as their world fell apart and those poor children got dragged through a publicity nightmare.

Jon and Kate both seem like very different people than they started out as. I guess eight seasons of reality television might just skew your reality a little. To be honest, I’m happy that the show in cancelled, not just because I don’t watch it. It really doesn’t matter to me whether it fills a TLC time slot that might otherwise go to the newest generation of Dance Moms. But I’m happy that those eight children who started us on this crazy roller-coaster will be able to go through their tween and teen years without a camera crew in tow. I wish them, their mother and her extremely vindictive hairdresser the very best of luck. May the next decade be a little easier and a lot more private than the last. Goodbye Gosselins.

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