The ‘Big Latch On’ Advocates That Breastfeeding Is Not A ‘Peep Show’

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Mothers in Largo, Florida took part in a demonstration to celebrate the end of World Breastfeeding Week that set the record for most women simultaneously breastfeeding. The event was referred to as the “big latch on” and had 60 participating mothers, 27 of which managed to feed their babies for 60 seconds.

The St. Petersburg Times reports:

Situated on a plot of grass near the playground at Largo Central Park, they waited for the countdown to begin.

At precisely 10:30 a.m., they got the signal to have their hungry babies latch on.

For the next 60 seconds, they joined mothers across the globe in an attempt to set a world record for the most women breast-feeding simultaneously.

One of the participating mothers expressed the same sentiments as I made in previous coverage of lactivism in Georgia, pointing out that breastfeeding women aren’t looking to garner any attention:

“We’re just doing it to feed,” [Nicole Bredeson] said. “We’re not doing it for a peep show.”

While not all of us on staff support lactivism, events like these raise awareness about the scorn many women receive everyday simply for feeding their babies. Mothers have their personal choices regarding discretion while feeding. But the massive cultural frown on all of them, regardless of how and when they choose to feed in public, unites their dedication to their babies’ health as something to be shameful of.