A Ranking Of Easter Candy From Delicious To Disgusting

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Sure, those treats the Easter bunny brings for your children are technically for them. But sharing is an important lesson for kids to learn, so you want candies everyone will enjoy in their baskets come Easter morning. In case you aren’t done shopping for Easter basket goodies and aren’t sure what sweets to include, here’s a ranking of Easter candy from best to worst.

1. Robin Eggs.
These candies win out as the most coveted Easter basket prize not only for being delicious, but for being one of the few treats you can only find from February 15th through Easter. Grab an extra bag for yourself to help you through the days when the kids are at their most difficult.

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs.
Missing out on the number one slot only because consuming one guarantees you’ll have a sugar crash in about an hour, it’s not really Easter until you have a Cadbury creme egg. Don’t be tempted by the caramel filled ones or the mini versions, the original version with the dyed cream center that looks like a yolk never goes out of style, just like Taylor Swift.

3. Peanut butter eggs.

Reese’s cups are a go-to favorite no matter the season, but the specialty peanut butter filled eggs rank high on the list of best Easter candies because the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is much higher than the traditional peanut butter cup. Make sure the Easter Bunny leaves one of these just for you.

4. Chocolate bunny.
No Easter basket is complete without a chocolate rabbit. Whether you go for a small, solid high end version or a huge hallow one, it’s all yummy. The only issue is trying to come up with a plausible excuse to tell your kid as to why their bunny is missing an ear because unlike some of the other candies on this list, if you sneak a taste, they’ll notice.

5. Candy in a plastic bag that’s shaped like a carrot.

They’re just orange jelly beans or orange M&Ms but somehow taste better because of the clever and cute packaging. Curse you marketing executives!

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