All You Chic Brooklyn Moms Who Have Served Time Need To Audition For This Reality Show

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bmj_logo_sConsidering that a reality show in which parents can “bet” on their babies was greenlit, there’s just no telling what the next “big” reality TV pitch might be. But a look at a recent casting call for Brooklyn women who have been incarcerated can certainly give us a tip. Brooklyn mothers, grab your Bugaboos from your VIP stroller parking and take the tots out early from toddler CrossFit. You need to be in this lineup.

The Brooklyn Paper ad placed for the upcoming “The Bad Mama Jammas of Brooklyn” — complete with glittery handcuffs adorning the title – reads:

Casting Women for Reality TV Show!

The Bad Mama Jammas of Brooklyn

Have you ever been arrested or spent time in jail or prison?

Is your story compelling and ready to be shared with the world?

MAJOR CABLE NETWORK wants to hear from YOU!

Seeking formerly incarcerated young women with a connection to Brooklyn for casting in a new Reality TV show.

In search of ladies (18 to 34 yrs) who have faced challenges but now want to pursue their dreams.

Send an e-mail with a photo and 5 outrageous fun facts about yourself and why you should be considered for this show:

If cast in the show you will be paid compensation

[email protected]

Jail time! It’s never been so sexy!

Surely you Brooklyn moms can beat out “Mob Wives”!