The 7 Grossest Things About Pregnancy That Nobody Talks About

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hilary duff pregnantPregnancy is a beautiful thing…until it turns ugly, that is. Which is why this ‘Funny Or Die’ video by a heavily pregnant Hilary Duff made me laugh. The video itself isn’t that funny, I’m sad to say, but I loved the gist of it, which is that Duff starts growing hair all over her body as a side effect of pregnancy (we’re talking full back hair, moustache – the works).

It’s an exaggeration, to be sure, but Duff’s shtick reminds us of the not-so-pleasant side of pregnancy. You know, like when your nipples start getting crusty and your farts, well, they bring a whole new (literal) meaning to “silent but deadly.” Herein, a roundup of the grossest things experienced by our anonymous crew of (pregnant) friends and loved ones. Feel free to weigh in with your own. We promise not to judge!