The 6 Types Of Tantrums, In All Their Screaming Glory

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The temper tantrum. The screaming, hair-pulling, gut-wrenching temper tantrum. Parents are terrified of them. Kids are exhausted by them. My head hurts just thinking it.

Every parent has their own way of dealing with a temper tantrum. Some ignore tantrums as a sign for attention. These strong parents walk away from their kids in the middle of the grocery store as they’re kicking and screaming.

Other parents shout them down, matching their child’s volume and creating a really insane level of noise that might possibly be damaging to innocent bystanders’ ear drums.

But while there are lots of different ways to confront a tantrum, I’ve learned that these outbursts seem to fall into one of six categories. Our kids might all scream at different octaves, but their fits are inspired by these six situations.