The 6 Types Of Dirty Diapers: A Guide For Parents

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If you’re a new parent, especially one without the benefit of some babysitting experience in your teenage years, the prospect of what you’re going to find in the next few years’ worth of your kid’s Pampers can be a daunting one. For your convenience (and/or horror), we’ve assembled a handy guide to identifying dirty diapers in the wild*, so you can be fully prepared to face them. Are you ready, adventurer? Onward!

*But not too wild. Please don’t change your baby’s diaper on the table at your local Chipotle. Or if you do, at least do it at your table and not the table of a random stranger.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.30.03 PM(Clip art/feature image: Tribalium / Shutterstock)

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