The 10 Worst Mommies You’ll Meet On The Internet

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moms on the internetMommies on the internet. We’re a funny bunch. We are admired for our ability to organize and come together when someone angers us. Goodbye sexist JCPenney shirts! We’re prized by marketers and advertisers who see moms and their checkbooks as the most important demographic out there. Hello Power Moms! And of course, we attract ire for our truly vitriolic debate and almost blood-thirsty lust to rip each other to pieces. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told that people feel sorry for your children. (More than once.)

What complex creatures we Mommies are.

But there’s one thing that moms on the internet aren’t very well known for: a sense of humor. For whatever reason, moms seem to have a really hard time poking fun at ourselves. And let’s be serious ladies, we can be pretty funny! In fact, with all the hormones and emotions of motherhood, we can be downright hysterical.

So let’s all take a minute to appreciate and even laugh about the mommies you meet on the internet. We’ve all been these moms at varying levels every once in a while, don’t bother pointing direct fingers. I myself have had my moments when the Sanctimommy rears her well-coiffed head and I’ve  grossed out everyone around me with cervix talk.

What Mommies did I miss? In this high school cafeteria we call the internet, what Mommy lunch table did I leave off the list?