The 10 Most WTF Baby Shower Cakes

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Baby shower cakes can be integral part of the entire baby shower execution. It often times doesn’t matter how many crappy games that your hosts insist that you play or how you, or your family, plan to arrange those plastic kitschy babies. One questionable cake order/preparation can determine the entire mood of your event. Which means that the vibe can get really awkward once you start giving pacifiers to woodland creatures and sculpting c-sections into icing.

1. Because nothing says HAPPY BABY like a feminine turtleturtle baby shower cake(photo: sinfullysweetbakeshop)

2. Somebody killed that ugly stroller you had on your registry and made a cake out of it

baby stroller cake(photo: Baby Shower Ideas)

3. A yonic pea in the pod. Sure

pea in the pod baby shower cake

(photo: Baby Shower Ideas)

4. SEAL CAKE because YOLO

seal baby shower cake

(photo:  mkuebler5)

5. Does this girly ladybug get your maternal hormones pumping?

lady big baby shower cake

(photo: Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes – Danielle)

6. How about some full on birthing on that icing?

nicole-richie-instagr.am_(photo: twitter)

7. And for the lady who has a scheduled c-section

baby shower cake awful


(photo: twitter)

8. From multiple angles!

vaginal birth baby shower cake

(photo: twitter)

9. Let’s hope it’s not red velvet on the insidesleeping baby cake

(photo:  Cakes by Occasion)

10. Somebody used your baby shower cake as an excuse to give their teddy bear a recital

teddy bear baby shower cake

(photo:  It’s All About the Cake)