5 Awesome Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Thanksgiving is nigh and the only thing I’m looking forward to more than the booze are the leftovers. I’ve already waxed poetic about the beauty that is the Thanksgiving sammich (if you don’t know what that is, then I feel sorry for you: TG Sammies are good for the soul) but there is so much more potential when it comes to Thanksgiving! SO much potential.

Every year I pride myself on coming up with clever ideas on how to use the approximately 10 pounds of leftover Thanksgiving food I am left with. Or sent home with, because I am gonna rob my mom blind this year. There will be nary a cranberry or a cronut left when I’m done. BWAHAHAHA. Below are my favorite post-Thanksgiving leftover creations to delight and inspire you. Because I’m a giver.

5. Leftover Pizza

I know this looks disgusting, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It’s delicious.

4. Thanksgiving Leftover Gumbo

My dad makes his famous Thanksgiving Gumbo every year the day after Thanksgiving, and it is glorious. He doesn’t really use a recipe, he just kind of wings it depending on what we have, but it’s always fantastic.

3. Thanksgiving Turkey Salad


I know, this looks pretty simple, but I think making post-Thanksgiving turkey salad is an art that is difficult to master. The recipe found here is pretty close to perfection, though no one could ever top my grandma Locke’s recipe. She passed away last year without ever writing it down, but this is the closest I’ve found to it.

2. Thanksgiving Empanada

I’ve made these as sweet and savory, and they’re another one of those that can be however you want it to be. I don’t use a specific recipe, but there are great ones here and here.YUM.

1. Last but not least…The Classic Thanksgiving Sammich

Because you just can’t mess with the classic.