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Having Kids Saved Me From Stabbing A Fork In My Eye During Thanksgiving Dinners

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Now I understand the true meaning of how grandchildren can “do no wrong” in the eyes of grandparents. Let’s face it. Even our closest friends don’t want to hear about our toddler’s new word or latest eczema outbreak. But grandparents do, in great detail.

And since my husband’s older brother had a baby the same time we did, we have endless toddler topics to dissect. Sure, toddler sleep, poop, and eating habits may still be considered boring to the majority of the world, but among our extended family, it seems like the time is right. Since the grandkids were born close together, conversation starters are aplenty: diapers, solids, walking—name your poison.

At the very least, I now view family holiday get-togethers as the prime opportunity for just a few hours of free babysitting. My father-in-law is absolutely obsessed with both of my sons (he had three boys). He’ll take my toddler outside and walk him around for hours, and I can’t thank him enough for that.

Even though planning Thanksgiving with kids is an epic, stressful task, I know that I’ll have a few hours of peace to drink my roofied sangria and gorge on pumpkin pie while the in-laws entertain the kids. What more can I ask for?

I’m not saying that kids are always the glue that holds a family together as grown children age, but they just might be for us.

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