15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas To Keep Your Littles Entertained

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Fall Colored Cereal Tree

Thanksgiving, Crafts

Image: Pinterest / A Dab Of Glue Will Do

Considering the Thanksgiving holiday falls right smack in the middle of the fall season, this craft will be an enjoyable and fun one to do together, especially if you’re all stuck inside on a rainy day. This one is super-simple, as it only uses construction paper for the background and the tree. For the “leaves,” fruit-flavored cereals that have reds, oranges and yellows in them are perfect. Grab a glue stick, and have your children help to pick out the correct colored cereal (this activity also helps with learning colors), and you can help to glue them onto the branches of the tree, and some at the bottom of the tree, as if the leaves have fallen.

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