15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas To Keep Your Littles Entertained

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Sponge Painted Turkey Hats

Thanksgiving, Crafts

Image: Pinterest / Tory Huber-Lippincott

How adorable are these turkey hats? Sure, there are plenty of turkey hat crafts out there, but these are simply too sweet! Break out the little’s favorite paints and glitters (if you so wish), and let the creativity flow! If you wanted to, you could even use other crafting supplies, like pom-poms, feathers, etc. These are very easy to make, with half of a sweetly decorated paper plate, as the turkey’s feathers, and some cardstock for the headband, turkey and the turkey’s features! Imagine all the kids sporting these on the big day! What a wonderful picture that will make that everyone can enjoy for years to come!

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