Thanks Tanning Mom! NJ Set To Ban Underage Tanning

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tanning momSay what you want about “tanning mom” Patricia Krentcil, but her frequent visits to the tanning salon — with or without her daughter — have prompted her home state of New Jersey to think more critically about underage tanning. So much so that the state is looking to ban minors from those cancer beds, just like California and Vermont.

CBS News reports that The Assembly’s Women and Children Committee passed the measure by five to nothing. Now that little piece of paper heads to the Assembly where it will be voted on again at some undisclosed time. A 2006 law already bans kids under 14 from tanning salons and also requires written parental consent for kids aged 14 to 17. But this new bill would prevent those high-schoolers from tanning even with a note from mommy or daddy, which will means no prom discounts or student specials, kids.

Pageant moms will be delighted to know that this new legislation does not outlaw spray tans for children between 14 to 17 (with written consent), which may have the Toddlers & Tiaras set throwing down their flippers in fury.