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Why Kids Should Be Encouraged To Send Thank You Cards (& 4 Options)

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Thank you cards

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The world is way different than it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago. Gone are phone calls and getting the mail to hear from your friend and we’re left with much faster forms of communication with texting and email. It’s not all bad — there are a million-and-one good things about technology. However, we seem to have lost the art of thank you cards, and encouraging our kids to pick up this lost manner is not a bad thing to work on.

Some might think it’s obnoxious to send thank you cards, but as long as there’s no pressure from other parents that it becomes a “have to” when they do arrive, it leaves the recipient with a fuzzy, happy feeling. And there’s nothing wrong with more of that happiness sin the world, right? One of the best ways to encourage your kids to write thank you notes is to not make it a massive ordeal. Having generic and blank cards on hand is a smart way to make teaching this lost manner an organic occasion. Did a teacher give extra time to help understand a subject? Why not send a thank you card? If your kid’s friend’s mom took them to their baseball game a few times during the season — a thank you card is such a sweet gesture.

Now that we’re on the same page that thank you cards are a good thing to have on hand for our kids to use, here are 4 thank you cards, and our favorites, that you can order online.

1. AmazonBasics Thank You Cards, Floral

thank you cards

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With this pack, you get 48 cards with envelopes and how gorgeous are these? It comes with an assortment of three different designs, all with a similar floral pastel look to them. The insides are blank, which means your kids can write anything you want in them, or draw a picture, before giving to the person they’re thankful for. One reviewer who tried these cards out said, “They have a good weight to them and three patterns are just gorgeous. I love these cards and will buy them again! They are such a good price too that you can’t beat them.”

Love it? You can grab it on Amazon, $11.49

2. Floral Thank You Cards with Envelopes

Thank you cards

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This pack comes with 36 cards and envelopes and the six different designs are just the right of beauty to be make sense for any thank you situation. They’re the same size as a standard photo so they’re idea to send along with school pictures or other mementos. The insides are blank in these and with the soft matte paper, they’re smudge proof for any pencil or pen so your kids time spent on the words will not be lost. One reviewer who tried these cards said, “These cards were beautifully designed and printed on high quality paper, unlike a previous purchase of mine that were simply designed, but printed on very rough, cardboard-like paper. Plus, this was a dollar cheaper than the inferior pack of cards I’d purchased.”

Love it? You can grab it on Amazon, $11.91 

3. Hallmark Thank You Cards Assortment

Thank You Cards

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This pack of thank you cards comes with a variety of four designs, and a total of 48 cards and envelopes. This also has a nature feel with both flowers and foliage, and either says “Thanks” or “Thank You” on the front. These come with the classic card fold from the top and the insides are blank so your kids can write to their heart’s content. One reviewer who tried this product said, ” As far as I can tell the card-stock holds ink pretty well with little to no bleeding (yay!) and they have been prefect for sending quick notes. The patterns are crisp and clean and I love the colors.”

Love it? You can grab it on Amazon, $10.95

4. Elegant Navy Blue & White Cards With Envelope

thank you cards

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If you’re looking for something with a little less frill to them, these cards give that “wow” factor with navy blue, white, and gold colors. There are four different designs in this pack with a total of 100 cards in this pack, grabbing one will have you set for random thanks for a while. These are eco-friendly and smudge-proof and the bonus is these are fingerprint proof, too. One reviewer who tried the product said, “These were the perfect set of Thank You cards for my son. He just graduated from high school & needed quite a few Thank Yous to send out. It’s difficult to find cards that are nice & elegant without looking ‘girlie.’ These were perfect!!”

Love it? You can grab it on Amazon, $21.95 

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