Gross Director Sexually Abused A Teenage Thandie Newton And Then Made A Video To Show All His Gross Friends

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Thandie NewtonMarried mother of two, Thandie Newton just got real candid about some casting couch abuse she endured as a fresh young thing looking to make it in the movie business. Unfortunately though, the abuse didn’t just end with that one highly degrading audition.

Thandie Newton reportedly joined “throngs” of protesters in London in support of One Billion Rising, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the routine abuse of women. In an interview with CNN, the actress shared how she was consistently exploited and degraded by professionals in the entertainment industry beginning at the age of 16. Particularly with regarding to the “kinds of things I was expected to do in auditions.”

She describes one incident as “horrific”:

“There was one horrific incident where I went back for a second audition,” she said. “The director asked me to sit with my legs apart; the camera was right positioned where it could see up my skirt.”

Newton said the director told her to “put my leg over the arm of the chair, and before I started my dialogue, think about the character I was supposed to be having the dialogue with and how it felt to be made love to by this person.”

Thandie Newton says what was most confusing for her is that the abuse was happening in a “professional environment,” with another female casting director in the room.

But the exploitation came back to haunt her three years later when her husband learned that said faux masturbatory video was being used as after dinner entertainment thanks to that pervy director. A tipsy producer tipped off Newton’s husband at the Cannes Film Festival that this scum bag was showing the footage to guests during “late-night parties.”

And on tonight’s menu, we have after dinner cocktails and truffles accompanied by a mass viewing of a teenage girl masturbating to my demands! Barf.

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