TGI Thanksgiving Open Thread: Let’s Be Thankful And/Or Talk About How Crazy Our Families Are Driving Us

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Keep-Calm-and-Be-Thankful-via-tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com_It’s Thanksgiving so maybe most of you will be away from your computers – happily enjoying time with your family. If that’s the case I am super glad for you and hope you are having a fantastic day. But maybe others of you are going bat-shit crazy dealing with your relatives. I thought I’d create a little safe space to vent. 

Why do holidays make us all giant stress-monsters? If you’ve managed to avoid morphing into one of these today, do tell how. Did your kids do something super cute this morning? Is your boyfriend the best ever and doing all the cooking? Is your cat dressed up like a turkey? I’d like to hear some warm fuzzy stories.

If your family is driving you nuts we can compare notes. My mom hasn’t said anything totally inappropriate yet, but the day is young. I will be reporting back occasionally.

This year, I am kicking things off with a cocktail. Once I finish all the stuff I have to do for Mommyish, which I promised Eve I wouldn’t do drunk (just kidding – she wouldn’t care if I was drunk) I am going to mix myself my favorite holiday happy-maker – a Manhattan. I may burst into tears because this is my first holiday in a decade that I won’t be a bridge away from it’s namesake city – but that’s my own problem. Here’s my recipe for a perfect holiday Manhattan:

2 1/2 parts bourbon (Maker’s Mark is good enough)

1 part sweet vermouth

about 3 dashes bitters

Put a couple ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Pour in the bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters. Stir. This is a cocktail I actually agree with stirring. I like to shake the shit out most other cocktails because I like them cold, but the texture of this drink actually changes from smooth and warming to fuzzy and too cold if you shake it. Strain the drink into a chilled glass. Some people like to add a cherry, but unless you have some delicious fancy ones I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s really great to cut a bit of orange rind and gently squeeze it and rub it around the rim of your glass. Squeezing it releases the oils in the rind which will give you a lovely whiff of fresh orange before every sip.

I’m getting thirsty.

(photo: Tumblr)