TGI Friday Open Thread: Julia Has A Question About After Baby P-In-The-V Sex

152406758Since all you perverts asked that we talk about sex more, here is a question proposed by the amazingly lovely Julia who wanted to know:

how long did you wait after having your baby to let a dick in you again?

This was her actual quote.

As I said in the latest Poly Mom piece, I cannot deal with like having sex when my kids are close by. It freaks me the hell out. That is all I have to say about sex. For now. I don’t know, it’s just so personal and boring in a way. Sex is lovely and fun and amazing but I just don’t feel the need to say much more at this moment. But YOU GUYS, feel free. Sex it on up in this sexy sexy sexy Open Thread!

In other Mommyish news, our awesome reader CMJ sent me this and asked me if it was too expensive:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.10.58 PM

I say no, because hell yeah it’s an ombre tree and that’s amazing. What do you say? I haven’t had a real Christmas tree in years because I’m terrified my dog may lose his mind and pee on it. But I may get one this year.

What is everyone doing this weekend? What are you reading/eating/watching and drinking?

Have you started Christmas/Holiday shopping yet? So here it is, an open thread about Christmas trees and sex after baby! WooHoo!

Lemme go get a drink for this.

(Image: getty)

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